Version 2.0 in Pre-Alpha

The goals of the 2.0 release have stabilitized:

  • The generic host now enables users to have a single environment suitable for running both as a Windows service for production and as a console for development and debugging purposes.
  • The pub/sub infrastructure has been refactored enabling the use of a generic proxy in smart-client SaaS offerings limiting the number of firewall ports needed to be opened to just one.
  • A generic gateway process enables HTTP communication between remote nServiceBus environments.
  • 3 additional containers out of the box: StructureMap, AutoFac, and Unity on top of the existing Spring and Castle containers from version 1.9.
  • Much simpler extensibility model for 3rd party containers.
  • More intuitive saga finding integration.
  • Greater ease of use and improved learnability.

Download here.


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