Announcing the first NServiceBus Hackathon

Things have been going well here at NServiceBus so we wanted to take this opportunity to give back to the community.

We’re running a hackathon over the next 10 days to see who can build the most awesome NServiceBus-based solution.

First prize is $10,000 and the other prizes are pretty good too.

I’m afraid that only people attending the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) in Oslo this year are eligible.

Full information here:


Looking forward to seeing what you all will come up with.


Best regards,

Udi Dahan


NServiceBus 3.2 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of NServiceBus 3.2.

Much more than an incremental improvement on version 3.0, this version comes with our Visual Studio integrated modeling tools (that we’re calling NSB Studio). Udi gave a demo of these tools at Skills Matter last month and the recording is available for viewing here.

When you download 3.2, the “getting started” docs will walk you through everything you need to know about NSB Studio.

The list of all the other major changes is online and can be found here.

Version 2.5 SP1 Release Candidate Available

We’re happy to announce the availability of a release candidate for the service pack of version 2.5. This rolls up several bug fixes and enhancements to version 2.5 and is the most robust version of NServiceBus to date.

Get it now

NServiceBus Version 2.5 Released

Rolling up bug fixes from many customer deployments of version 2.0 as well as enhancements making life that much easier on NServiceBus developers, there’s also a new logo and the web site’s been redesigned.

Just as important, companies can now purchase commercial support for NServiceBus.

InfoQ interviews Udi on CQRS, DDD, and NServiceBus

After Udi’s presentation at QCon London last March, Jon Torresdal from InfoQ interviewed him on CQRS, DDD, and NServiceBus.

You can find the interview online here:

Also note that there is a full transcript available as well as the option to download an MP3 of the conversation.

Podcast on NServiceBus published

The guys from the Deep Friend Bytes podcast interview Udi Dahan on NServiceBus talking about pub/sub, web services, fault tolerance, and more.

Online here:

NServiceBus 2.0 RTM

We’re happy to announce the generally available release of version 2.0 of NServiceBus – the biggest release we’ve done to date.

After the last few tweaks from the last release candidate and positive experience reports from key customers, we recommend users move to this version to enjoy greater stability, scalability, and simplicity.

Download from now.